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I’m Tamara Levinson

— Yogance Yoga Teacher.

Website: YOGANCE.COM for more information
Instagram @cuchira
Email: [email protected]
Full name: Tamara Levinson-Campos

Tamara Levinson-Campos was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and grew up in New York City. At age 15, she represented the USA at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain, in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics. After being a three time USA National Champion and competing in world class international competitions, she moved on to dancing professionally.
Tamara’s versatility as a dancer, gymnast, rhythmic gymnast, aerial artist, contortionist and actress led her to having an over 20 year career as a professional dancer. She danced on three world tours with Madonna, performed along side of No Doubt, Avril Lavigne, Usher, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna and more. Her love for live avant-garde theatre and performance art coincided with her Argentine roots when she joined the original NYC Off-Broadway cast of “De La Guarda”. She was later a part of the creative team for the ongoing hit show Fuerzabruta in NYC.
She has had the great pleasure of working with the legendary Twyla Tharp and continues to dance and choreograph for popular artists on stage, tv commercials and film. Tamara has been teaching all styles of movement for over 20 years. She consistently creates works of her own in all mediums. She considers herself an artist of movement and a movement therapist, yogance being the healing tool.
Tamara’s greatest accomplishment is her creation YOGANCE.
which is the end result of her lifetime of body, mind and soul searching. YOGANCE is the culmination of everything she has picked up along the way as a student, performer, teacher. and fellow warrior. She is humbled to be able to share it with her beYOUtiful warriors.

Tamaras Festival Classes

Yogance Foundations & Flow

Saturday 10-11:30
Yogance is a movement therapy that seamlessly fuses yoga and dance into a moving meditation. In order to enter the the world of body-mind-soul tranquility, we have to learn the fundamentals of how the body works and how it correlates to the breath. This class will focus on effectively and safely exploring our BEYOUtifully YOUnique bodies and getting to know ourselves better. It includes a thorough warm up, deep breathing exercises, learning a choreYOGAphy AKA a yogance and finally, enjoying a well earned meditation.

Movement Therapy: The Art Of Letting Go

Sunday 11-12:30

Yogance has many aspects to it. Although on the surface it may appear to be a yoga/dance fusion exercise, what it really is when searching on a less superficial plane is a MOVEMENT THERAPY.

A fun, exciting, new way to channel your inner truths, your infinite beauty, your raw emotions, your inner beast! This class will focus on letting go, releasing expectations, standards, rules, and simply MOVING FREE! I guarantee you will leave this class feeling a million times better, knowing yourself more profoundly, maybe even surprising yourself and feeling like you lost that heavy weight off your shoulders! Expect to move a lot, dance a lot, scream a lot, let go of a lot. Expect the unexpected. Take a chance and step out of your comfort zone. Come move free with me 🙂

Meet Tamara “Cuchira” Levinson