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I’m Ella Cojocaru.

—Vinyasa Yoga Teacher.

I’m often asked to explain my “style” of yoga because my classes don’t readily fall into a traditional box. From a foundational standpoint, I’m influenced by classic practitioners, particularly B.K.S Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois. Although I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting these yogic icons, I’ve studied them extensively and integrate both their styles. Consequently, my classes blend different classical approaches with a focus on alignment, arm balances and inversions.

While I have a reputation as a demanding teacher, I welcome questions and am able to modify poses to accommodate students of varied abilities. All of my classes are characterized by joy and laughter, and deeply rooted in community—with an admitted twist of militant encouragement, which stems from my Eastern European heritage. I recognize that my style isn’t for everyone! On the other hand, I also love and believe in the power of Yin Yoga—so students are always able to “cool down” in this fashion.

Ellas Festival Classes

Friday Workshop - The Hollow Body

Friday: 17-20
Hollow Body – The common thread for a smooth and effortless practice
Exploring the dynamics of the hollow body position and how it can be utilized throughout the practice. This is a necessary position for a straight line handstand, forearm balance, as well as many other postures. Hollow body is a concept that many gymnasts learn at a young age as a foundational posture. Posterior pelvic tilt will be explored in this workshop. By implementing this technique, you can create a sense of lightness and stability.

Stress Test Your Yoga

Sunday: 14-15:30
Learn how to assess your strength and flexibility through essential yoga postures. Discover the missing links that will help grow your practice.

The Wizard of Inversions

Saturday: 13-14:30
Exploring the key elements for the lower half of the body to create stability while upside down. Strengthening drills will be introduced as well as increase awareness of these key concepts throughout the practice.

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