elisabeth joy yoga festival oslo

I’m Elisabeth Sørum.

— Yin/Vinyasa Yoga Teacher.

Elisabeth started with Ashtanga yoga to strengthen the body and experienced gradually that the mind and health also was growing stronger by practicing pranayama. Her classes are focused on finding strength and disipline through yin, through the breath. She has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and are combining this with yoga. Since young age, Elisabeth experienced much illness with IBS, stress and a weak immune system. After she started eating healthy, exercising yoga and most of all; practicing pranayama, she is rarely sick anymore. Now she is dedicated to share her love for healthy food, yoga and pranayama with others.

Elisabeths Festival Classes

Yang/Yin Glad mage (healthy digestion).

Sunday 9-10:30
This class teaches you about a healthy digestion through theory and practice. You will learn about the nervous system and pranayamas influence on the digestion, what food to avoid or to eat for a happy tummy. You will learn yogaposes which helps to calm down or activate the stomach and breathing exercises to reduce stress and yoga exercises that massage your tummy.